About Me

I make hand built vessels in stoneware and porcelain. I am inspired by the beauty of form and repetition found in nature and contrasts of texture, light, and colour. While I love symmetry and order, one of the things that I most love about working with clay is its refusal to be completely predictable. Sometimes a piece of clay wants to be a certain way, no matter how much I try to force it into my vision, and out of that struggle can come a really beautiful, unexpected form. When I first started working with clay I wanted each piece to be perfectly smooth, free from any kind of link with my hands. In learning to work together with the clay, I've come to love those maker's marks on each pot, my finger prints and imperfections that mark out a hand crafted piece that is well made, by my hands. While I create pieces that are reproductions of a first original pot, each one is unique (much like what we find in nature) as it is hand built and the decorative work varies from pot to pot.

Due to life (and its various commitments), I am currently only making special orders for existing work, while also working developing new designs. From time to time you may find some of my pots at Rhubarb Designs on Salt Spring Island, BC. I update my Instagram and this page whenever possible to let people know how they can get hold of one of my pots if they so desire.